Air Messenger FAQ
Q. What operating system will the Air Messenger Products work on?
A. All Air Messenger applications are designed to work on all Windows 32/64 bit operating systems.

Q. Air Messenger is dialing my carrier but after it connects I get a message that says it can not connect to XXXX.
A. This is normally caused by a improperly configured modem settings. Be sure that you have correctly configured the modem in your Provider Setup. Select the Provider Modem Configuration Button, when the setup dialog box appears, choose the Connection Tab, be sure that the settings are correct in the Connection Preferences Area for your provider. By default, modems will be set to (8 None 1). Paging Terminals normally use (7 Even 1). Some carriers it does not matter what the settings are and others systems require this setting to be correct.

Q. I can't connect to an SNPP Gateway from my network.
A. This can be caused by several reasons. Incorrect Port or Host Address, if you are behind a fire wall, you may need to get a SNPP proxy server like AM SNPP Proxy.

Q. I have updated my application and now I get a message that my registration key is corrupted?
A. We changed the way that our applications read the registration key. We had to add additional security measures to our keys because of hackers. Please e-mail support and request a new key. Please provider the name of the registered user and your registration number.

Q. Do any of your products support DDE or Command Line commands?
A. Air Messenger Pro, Mobile, and Client support DDE and also have a command line utility.

Q. When I attempt to send a message I get a invalid number, what dose this mean?
A. This is an indication that the PIN you have entered for the users pager is being rejected by the paging terminal. Check with your carrier and make certain that you are dialing the correct modem access number for your pin. Some carriers such as PageNet require you to contact them so they can assign you a separate pin, until then you will not be able to use any kind of paging software until they have setup a PIN for you in the correct paging terminal.

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